Not A Crisis: When is Counselling a Good Idea?

Counselling isn't just for when you're experiencing a rough patch. In this blog, counsellor Susanne Dick explains more about the benefits of counselling for healing, growth and fulfillment.

It can be hard to (briefly) explain what counselling or therapy is and the benefits we can gain from it. I personally know its value, having seen what it can do for so many people. But how can I convey the successes that are unique to individual clients I have worked with? While there are universal experiences we all face – relationship problems, illness, job issues/loss, marriage, having children, death of loved ones - all of our situations are unique. And it’s this fact, that we all cope or are affected by things differently, which makes it difficult to convey the unique benefits of counselling and when it might be a good idea to start. I saw this graphic by @LetsTalk.MentalHealth recently, which simply and clearly captures what counselling is about and how it can help anyone.

A graphic that explains good times to start therapy. These ideas are also listed in the blog post.

Yes, counselling can help us in a crisis and is absolutely vital at these times, but it shouldn’t be the only time we seek counselling. Making the choice to go to counselling before things become really tough or reach crisis point is a healthy and practical way to help us navigate our way through life. This is where the power of counselling lies. It’s a way to learn about ourselves, to have better relationships or explore our experiences as human beings. We can explore the possibilities for change and growth to live better and be more prepared to cope with life’s inevitable rough patches.

Going to counselling or therapy is not a weakness or a sign we cannot cope, or that we have failed - it shows we have a healthy interest in our mental wellbeing, a desire to learn to do things differently, to get more out of life, to reach our goals and to be a well-rounded person for ourselves and our loved ones.

In the unique relationship between you and your counsellor, you will have the opportunity to explore what is important to you. When we have someone alongside us who supports and reassures us, we can find new ways to move forward, unpick old patterns or make positive change.

So if you’ve been thinking about counselling, maybe it’s time to give it a go?

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