Helping Your Child With Anxiety

Many children will experience anxiety in their life. In this blog, counsellor and family therapist Vanessa Harnischmacher discusses how you can support them.

Anxiety affects many children and young people - and with the events of 2020, it’s no wonder! Many parents are concerned about anxiety in their child or teenager and understandably want to do whatever they can to reduce their child’s distress. When a child or teenager is anxious, it can affect everyone in the family. Anxiety can make everyday activities like going to school and visiting family and friends very difficult. Children who experience anxiety can start refusing to go to school, they may miss out on social events, can have trouble sleeping, or might complain of physical symptoms such as stomachaches or headaches. Left unaddressed, anxiety in childhood can contribute to mental health difficulties in adulthood.

While our first instinct may be to find a professional to take our child to, it’s often parents who are best suited to be the main support for their child. Research has found that when guided by a professional, parents can effectively support children to manage anxiety and reduce anxious feelings. When parents understand the most effective ways to support their child, it can deepen the parent-child relationship and mean that a parent is able to support and coach their child whenever needed.

Rough Patch counsellors understand the most up-to-date, evidence-based strategies to manage anxiety and are able to offer guidance and support to parents. Our counsellors can support parents to understand their own responses and help you to develop strategies that are best suited to your child and family situation.

To learn more about how to support your child when they experience anxiety, get in touch with one of our counsellors by clicking here.

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