Maria Bui


Maria is at Rough Patch on Thursdays 3-6pm and Fridays 12-3pm.


My Specialties

Works with young people discovering their identity and life goals (ages 16 up); major life changes or transition periods; building resilience, self-esteem and confidence; building healthy relationships; people from diverse cultural backgrounds and those navigating generational-cultural differences, family issues or conflicts. Uses talk therapy and creative processes. Can work with Vietnamese speaking clients.

About Me

Maria is a PACFA registered counsellor with a background in both psychoeducation and art therapy group facilitation. She is passionate about helping people grow their self-awareness about who they are and who they would like to be. Maria has experience with responding to critical incidents in the workplace, and how this can impact an individual. She also works with young adults and volunteer mentors as a program counsellor at a youth mentoring organisation.

Maria has personal experience with navigating cultural identity and finding your place. She works with people to understand their identity in relation to culture, generational differences and family issues. She helps people explore ways to live a balanced lifestyle that suits them and maintain healthy relationships by effectively communicating and setting boundaries. Maria also works with people navigating workplace issues, transitions and changes.

Maria utilises talk therapy and integrates creative processes where useful for you.

To make an appointment, email Maria at