Lisa Barrett


Lisa is at Rough Patch on Saturdays from 9am-6pm and is also available for Zoom sessions.


My Specialties

Works with grief and loss; depression, anxiety and stress; self esteem issues; relationship difficulties; and life transitions.

About Me

Lisa is an ACA registered counsellor who supports people with a variety of life challenges, including grief, loss, anxiety, stress, self esteem issues, relationship difficulties and life transitions.

Originally from New Zealand, Lisa has worked for over 15 years with people from different cultures and identities. She helps people develop self-awareness and connection, and supports people to experience themselves as their true selves, helping them appreciate their unique and valuable individuality.

Lisa can support you to be present and welcoming of all parts of yourself, and will work with you wherever you’re at, and at whichever pace you want to work.

To make an appointment, email at