Laetitia Maynard


Laetitia is at Rough Patch on Thursdays from 12pm-3pm and is also available for Zoom sessions


My Specialties

Works with couples, relationships, healing from infidelity and separation; family conflict around parenting; self-esteem issues; stress and anxiety; grief and loss; the impact of past painful experiences; and navigating difficult life stages.

About Me

Laetitia is an ACA registered counsellor and has worked with clients dealing with a range of challenges, including personal stress and anxiety, self-esteem issues, connection and communication in relationships, healing from infidelity, separation, grief and loss, impact of past traumas and family conflict around parenting or navigating difficult life stages.

Laetitia works with individuals, couples and families, and has specialist training in relationship and family counselling.

Laetitia believes that everyone holds the ability within them to achieve their goals for counselling, and likes to help people find their sense of hope for a better future while they undertake their courageous journey of change.

To make an appointment, email her at