Kirthana Selvaraj


Kirthana is at Rough Patch on Tuesdays from 12pm-6pm.


My Specialties

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Works with individuals navigating racial trauma; people from diverse cultural backgrounds; LGBTQIAPK+ people; people with diverse bodies and navigating body-related difficulties; people experiencing anxiety, depression or loneliness; and those wanting to learn about radical self-care. Uses art therapy and talk therapy.

About Me

Kirthana is an ANZACATA registered art therapist and an ACA registered counsellor. Her therapeutic stance is deeply embedded in an anti-racist, anti-fatphobic, anti-misogynistic and anti-ableist philosophy. Kirthana takes into consideration all of a person’s intersecting identities and experiences.

When doing art therapy with Kirthana, you don’t need to have experience with art making or be a “good” artist. In fact, you don’t need any experience at all - art therapy is about the process and meaning, not the product. It allows you to explore, use your imagination, use metaphor and symbolism to create a deeper understanding of your experiences.

Kirthana also offers talk-therapy, and she aims to create an affirming, inclusive, culturally-aware and comfortable space for you to express yourself.

WAITLIST ONLY - get in touch to be added to Kirthana's waitlist.
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