Kimberley Lee


Kimberley is at Rough Patch on Wednesdays 3-6pm, Thursdays 9am-12pm, Saturdays 9am-12pm and is also available for Zoom sessions.


My Specialties

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Works with people who are single or dating, and relationships; LGBTQIAPK+ people; people who work in the sex industry; understanding addictive behaviours; life transitions; career and workplace issues; depression and anxiety; young people (14+ years old).

About Me

Kimberley is a PACFA registered counsellor who believes everyone has the ability to heal with support and care through the healing process. Kimberley creates a safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore your feelings, thoughts, actions, and how you experience the world.

Kimberley has lived experience with adoption and an interest in working with adopted people and their families. She also has experience working with LGTBQI+ issues, new relationships and dating, people who work in the sex industry, and helping people understand repetitive self-soothing behaviours like drug and alcohol use. Kimberley also works with young people and currently volunteers with a youth community services organisation. She is also undertaking further study in somatic psychotherapy, is a certified meditation teacher, and communications specialist.

WAITLIST ONLY - get in touch to be added to Kimberley's waitlist.
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