We understand the importance of mental health supports in the workplace.

Traditionally, Employee Assistance Programs (known as EAP) are expensive and attract monthly retainer fees, even when staff aren't using their services. While providing mental health support to staff is an excellent way of ensuring your workforce is functioning well, it can be very difficult for small businesses to afford the high fees of a traditional EAP.

Rough Patch provides affordable options for micro and small businesses who want to offer mental health support and counselling to their staff. We provide an EAP starter pack for employers, detailing the benefits of a mentally-well workforce, as well as posters and other marketing collateral to advertise the service to staff. We can also facilitate welcome days to orientate staff to the EAP, and offer workshops on common workplace topics such as effective communication, managing conflict, optimising team dynamics, drug and alcohol awareness, and other specialist programs.

Employers aren't required to pay a monthly fee. Instead, Rough Patch only bills employers as and when their employees use the service.


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